YTC Network is established on 2019

Since 21.07.2019

YTC Network is a network company that provides varies services such as network construction and maintenance, including server build-up & maintenance, domains, websites, apps or machine troubleshooting, advice giving and more. Our believe is : Providing the BEST service is the only way to success.

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YTC NETWORK's founder

Dr Yau Chiu

Mr Yau Chiu is the founder of YTC NETWORK who has lots of capital. He owns 600+ Premium domains, valued $100,000, including single letter ccTLD and much more. Yau has a great knowledge about networking but little weak at coding as his biggest interest is networking. He focus on network because he thinks network is more important than coding in the 21st century.

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Domains & Websites


Website are not neccessary with a domain, with a domain your clients would trust you more and the connection are secure with a SSL certificate.

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What exactly YTC does ?

Good question!

As lack of capital for renting an real office in HK, we tend to use online office in order to reduce the constuction waste to the environment and the hard copy of documents. Almost all of our docs are soft copy and in digital form.